Should We Desire To Be Used By God?

While I think we can all agree that being used by God is a good thing, I would like to highlight that it is necessary, but not sufficient. I have made this argument many times throughout my writings. We have seen many people who were indifferent towards God, far from God, and even those who hated God being used to accomplish His purposes throughout history.

Today’s reading featured another one. Jehu. He was told by a disciple of Elisha that he would become the king of Israel. He then went on a bloody campaign to kill the kings of BOTH Israel and Judah and any heirs or descendants they had. This campaign was utterly successful. But despite God telling him this would happen and then giving him success in every step of the campaign. No sooner was the crown on his head than he turned his back on God.

But there is no denying that Jehu was “used by God” to visit His judgement on wayward kings and their descendants. And yet, despite being used powerfully by the Lord, he remained far and unfaithful during his reign.

So should we desire to be used by God? Yes. But MORE than that we should desire to love God. That should be the focus of our prayers.

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