Choosing Our Friends

Young Joash is made king of Judah when he is just 7 years old. Jehoiada the priest oversees his reign and provides guidance and protection for the first 23+ years of his reign. But right after Jehoiada the priest died a new band of hangers-on came to Joash with super awesome new ideas… rather than worship the God of Abraham… how about we worship these wooden poles instead!? This angered God, but rather than visit His judgement and wrath upon Joash, he sent Zechariah — the SON of Jehoiada the priest — as a prophet to warn the king about his behaviour’s consequences. Joash’s response? He had Zechariah killed.

Your friends have a massive impact on your life. This is because gravity pulls toward the largest mass. If your friends are upright, God-fearing, and trying to live good lives. Chances are high that you will do the same. If your friends are alcohol abusers and partiers into casual drug use, chances are high you will do the same. This is why it is so critical that we choose our friends carefully. We must have people around us who are rowing in the same direction we are.

Does that mean we can never have friends who aren’t Christians? Friends who are still deep in their struggles? Of course not! Have those friends. But they should not be in your inner circle. They should not be the ones that you seek out for advice and council. The influence these type of friends needs to be minimized. And if you ever find yourself in a position where these more worldly friends “get you” better than your Christian friends BEWARE! Seriously. It means that YOU have changed your position and are now in danger of rejecting God just like Joash did.

Don’t be Joash. It’s not worth your life.

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