The Lord’s Glory in Our Failures

When we think of Jonah, we often think about the man and the “great fish” (most likely a sperm whale, if you’re interested) and Nineveh and Jonah’s temper tantrum at the end. But I’ve never heard anyone spend time talking about the sailors who threw him overboard.

They knew he had angered his God and caused the troubled sea they were dealing with, but they didn’t want to throw him overboard because they felt that meant certain death. Despite their best attempts there was no option but to throw the disobedient prophet overboard, hoping that his God would show them mercy. When they did throw him into the sea the storm stopped immediately.

Then what happened?

The sailors sacrificed to Yahweh and vowed to serve and worship only Him for the rest of their lives.

Here’s the thing: God has a plan. And you can’t do ANYTHING to frustrate the plans of God. Why not? Because he knew what you were going to do before you existed, and he planned for your behaviour. And He worked it out so that He would get the glory even if we decide to be disobedient and heard-headed.

Since God’s purposes are going to be achieved either way, you might as well get on board!

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