Associate Pastor, 2023–Present

As Associate Pastor, my duties are widely varied, some key responsibilities I have had are:

  • I coordinated a facility change, including moving all of our offices, ministries, and equipment from our permanent location to our new set-up/tear-down location. This included large changes to our audio/video system and organization of all our volunteers & staff, and liaising with all key stakeholders. I continue to look after our facilities and calendar.
  • A have the title of “Staff Pastor” which carries with it the spiritual care of our staff team, as well as many HR duties. Moreover, I work with our teams (including volunteer staff) to ensure they are equipped, encouraged, and even challenged to go above-and-beyond in fulfilling their responsibilities to the very best of their ability.
  • I have oversight of all our internal and external communications, meaning I advise on what internal software we use to connect and communicate as a team. I also look at how we communicate externally, including web, social media, banners, flyers, and other outward-facing information.
  • I am tasked with care of our “Refresh Groups” small groups ministry. My goal is >100% attendance. Currently we have more than 200 people in Refresh Groups, so just under 50% of the total number registered in our system.

Mountain Springs Calvary Chapel, Calgary, Alberta

Freelance Web Development 2017–Present


Assistant Director, 2020-2022

  • Main area of focus is on operational efficiency, setting program goals, and methods for evaluating success.
  • Preparing oral and written reports for the Board of Directors.
  • Working alongside Program Directors to evaluate program goals, provide mentoring, develop leadership skills, and offer accountability.
  • Develop and improve workflows and optimize use of technology.

Metro Kids Society, Surrey, BC

Interim Lead Pastor, 2020-2022

  • Scheduling all volunteers and staff via Planning Center Services.
  • Built out infrastructure for real-time streaming on a shoestring budget.
  • Preparing all media for services, including video/lyric slides, countdown videos, sermon bumpers, and lower third graphics.
  • Regular preaching and worship leading.

Surrey Christian Life Assembly, Surrey, BC

Interim Youth Sunday School Leader, 2017-2018

  • Stepped in to oversee the Sunday school program for grade 8-12 students while the church transitioned the leadership team.
  • Worked directly with the campus pastor to adapt the sermon notes and make the same message age-appropriate. The goal was to allow whole families to discuss the topics at home during the week.

North Langley Community Church, Langley, BC

Front-End Developer, 2013-2017

ideaLEVER Solutions, Kamloops, BC

Interim Youth Sunday School Director, 2013

  • Developed custom curriculum for a group of 40+ students in grades 6-12.
  • Taught using an interactive, conversational style which created a rewarding environment for question-askers and observation-makers.

South Langley Church, Langley, BC

Student, 2012-2013

British Columbia Institute of Technology, Vancouver, BC

Youth & Worship Pastor, 2011-2012

  • Led worship weekly for both the youth ministry and adult congregation.
  • Developed young musicians to augment the then-ailing worship ministry.
  • Recruited and trained volunteer leaders.
  • Planned and executed outings 1-2 times a month alongside youth events.
  • Arranged volunteers and logistics for the annual camping retreat.

Tsawwassen Alliance Church, Delta, BC

Next Gen Ministries Director, 2007-2010

  • Spoke weekly for youth and every 2-3 months for adult congregation.
  • Led worship regularly for both youth and adult ministries.
  • Planned and executed large scale youth events as a platform for current students to bring unchurched friends.
  • Organized pickups for every student every week (“Bus Ministry”) including personal invitation phone calls.
  • Recruited and trained volunteer leaders.Designed and maintained ministry website (MetroKids.ca).
  • Organized retreats and conference attendance for the students.
  • Selected by the PAOC District to serve on the Spark planning team.

Metro Kids Society, Surrey, BC

Youth Pastor (Summer Internship), 2007

  • Spoke and led worship weekly.Planned/organized/led weekend retreat to Historymaker conference.
  • Planned/organized/led weekend camping retreat.
  • Worked with ‘Youth Executive’ (student leadership) team to set calendar for the upcoming year.
  • Planned and executed the “Amazing Race” event which included 12 cities, needed over 30 volunteers, and spanned a full 24-hour period.

Surrey Pentecostal Assembly, Surrey, BC