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Emotions Can Make Us Inconsistent

Reading through the Psalms, it’s hard to NOT notice that David swings wildly between God being faithful and just and wonderful and gracious to abandoning him in the dirt. Psalm 109 is MOSTLY David talking about his enemies plans and prayer to do him in. 108 has David asking the Lord if He has abandoned not merely David, but also the nation of Israel… just a few SENTENCES after praising God’s faithfulness!

I guess the point here is that HOW we call on God will change with our circumstances. When we feel like we are being blessed, we will naturally praise God for His blessings. But when we are in trouble, we will naturally tend to ask God why He seems far away. Note, though that David continually comes back to acknowledging God’s faithfulness, and we should do the same. So Job said, “though you slay me, I will trust you, Lord.”